Fall Away

Review: Bully by Penelope Douglas (Fall Away #1)

RATING: 4 out of 5 stars

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Bully is about a girl called Tatum but her nickname is Tate. She had a childhood best friend called Jared and they were really close. One day after Jared returned from his vacation with his father, he started acting weird towards Tate. In fact, when school started, he was her worst nightmare. There was lots of bullying involved and it wasn’t pretty. But after moving and spending a year away in Paris, Tate returns back to her old school and decides it’s time for the bullying to stop.


This was such a fast-paced read.
Tatum is such a great female character who finally stood up to her former childhood best friend, Jared. She got the courage and ended up being fierce in her own way. I found this books quite enjoyable and nice to read.

There were several parts of the book where I got so into it that I started feeling mad at the certain fictional characters, for example her best friend. Where I would’ve stopped talking to my best friend if she did what Tate’s best friend did, Tate did the exact opposite. She was loyal, brave, strong and definitely someone we should all look up to. I don’t think there’s a word for it but she’s better than everyone.

Which at some points in this book got on my nerves. Why did she have to be so perfect? It made me feel bad about myself.

Jared on the other hand was quite the troublemaker. I hated him at first and hated him until I stopped almost at the end of the book. While we as the readers got to know why he did what he did, it still wasn’t an excuse. I resented him because I got so attached to Tate that I couldn’t forgive him for what he did.

All in all, I enjoyed this book and it was definitely a little different from the other books I usually read. It is a New Adult novel which I’ve grown to love and read in one sitting.

It has a few plot twists that make you want to go: OH MY GOD!

But as rarely as it happens, I found myself crying with this character and hoping for the best. I’ve gotten so attached to this book I don’t even know what life is anymore.

It is definitely a book I recommend.

Order book here.

Written by Desirae Clark


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