Throne of Glass

Review: Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas (Throne of Glass #1)


After serving out a year of hard labor in the salt mines of Endovier for her crimes, 18-year-old assassin Celaena Sardothien is dragged before the Crown Prince. Prince Dorian offers her her freedom on one condition: she must act as his champion in a competition to find a new royal assassin. Her opponents are men-thieves and assassins and warriors from across the empire, each sponsored by a member of the king’s council. If she beats her opponents in a series of eliminations, she’ll serve the kingdom for three years and then be granted her freedom.

Celaena finds her training sessions with the captain of the guard, Westfall, challenging and exhilarating. But she’s bored stiff by court life. Things get a little more interesting when the prince starts to show interest in her… but it’s the gruff Captain Westfall who seems to understand her best.

Then one of the other contestants turns up dead… quickly followed by another.

Can Celaena figure out who the killer is before she becomes a victim? As the young assassin investigates, her search leads her to discover a greater destiny than she could possibly have imagined.

RATING: 5 out of 5 stars


I thought this book was a fantastic read with many great and likable characters. Celaena herself was just so epic. Out of all the fictional characters I’ve met, she’s my favorite because she’s brave, she’s strong, she’s an assassin and her whole personality is just so perfect. I love strong and badass female characters and Celaena also brought that to the table.

I wouldn’t exactly say she was cold-hearted because there were some scenes where she felt bad for some people, but she definitely didn’t have a problem with killing. It was really refreshing to see a fictional character who wasn’t a kicked puppy at the beginning of the book and then turned out to be everybody’s superhero. Celaena was badass from the very beginning. She was not a stranger to fighting for her survival because she barely survived.

Then we get introduced to Chaol and Prince Dorian later in the book and it’s clear that the two guys like Celaena. She was beautiful and different from every character ever. Celaena, unlike every other character I’ve known, was aware of her beauty and I could go on and on about her for days.

I didn’t know who I prefered though. Chaol was nice. He was the one who trained with her and made sure she was ready to fight for what she was destined for. He was overprotective of the Prince which was reasonable. Prince Dorian just liked reading but he was charming too. I feel like the characters weren’t involved enough for me to decide.

Which is another thing I liked about this book. It’s not just about romance. It’s about survival, justice and just a whole lot of badass stuff and Celaena being awesome.

This is one of my favorite books I’ve read this year, I’ve enjoyed it, I loved it and still do… It’s just… ahhh! It’s perfect.

You need to read it if you haven’t yet and it’s a MUST-READ!

I need to buy the sequel ASAP.

Anyway, that was my opinion. I loved the characters, I loved the story and the plot twists.

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Post written by Desirae Clark


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