Review: Moonlands by Steven Savile

Moonlands is a wonderful, well-written and thought through book with fantastic characters and marvelous storytelling.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

It’s Ashley who thought all her life she was ordinary yet still a little weird fifteen year old girl. But her life was turned upside down with the death of her Aunt who wasn’t really her Aunt.
The woman left three things for Ashley: a journal, an umbrella and a pair of goggles. Those three things would help Ashley fulfill her destiny and become who she really was. But at the same time Blackwater Blaze, a Wolfen, was sent to kill her.

Ashley would need all the protection she could get if she was to win a fight. The journey this book offers is incredible, with so many things adding up that you really feel like you’re living in a fairy tale. Ashley is an epic character with so much to lose and so little hope but she doesn’t give up and still fights.

At first, I got a little irritated with Blackwater Blaze’s point of views, but as the book started explaining the situation a little more and we got to know what was actually happening, it got a lot more interesting. I liked that it was fairly short and didn’t drag on.

The book itself was enjoyable and the world it offered was very unique. I’m not going to try and explain it as I’m going to recommend you the book, but I can guarantee the whole fictional universe is not like anything you’ve seen before.

Plot twists blow you away and the author’s writing style is incredible.

But the one thing that won me over was the ending. Having read so many books, I never thought I’d say this but by far, Moonlands has the best landing I have ever seen or in this case read.

There are three words I only have to say to you: READ THE BOOK!

That is, when it comes out on April 17th. I have to thank the author and his people for sending me the Advanced Reader Copy.

Post written by Desirae Clark


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