Elizabetta Holcomb

Review: The Guardian by Elizabetta Holcomb

1312, A knight destined to rule…

Jareth Tremaine, the first Duke of Dover, has seen how he’s remembered in history books—either a saint who rules his lands with justice or a religious extremist whose harsh treatment of the church nearly has him executed. But what history doesn’t disclose is that he’s essential to the world’s survival. After being wounded by ancient Huns using 21st century weapons, a girl is brought to aid his recovery—a girl who would become his duchess and the key to the future of Dover’s Amalgam.
A 21st century girl whose future has not been written…

Elizabet Blackwell isn’t surprised by wormholes. What shocks her is the multi-faceted personality of the titled knight. Sir Jareth is a nobleman, translator, surgeon—and he’s intent on locating and protecting a host. The host, she discovers, is a boy who practically lives in her backyard 700 years into Jareth’s future.

The re-scripting of history for the survival of nature’s attack on mankind…
Together they embark on their life’s journey and discover that they must protect each other even as they prepare the host for his destiny. Their quest must be to ensure the boy is secure and hidden from the evil forces who seek to exploit the power he contains.


A while ago, I was sent an ARC by Elizabetta Holcomb in return to write an honest review.

First thing I want to say is that I would love to read the sequel!

Characters were lovable and felt real. I liked Jareth and Elizabet. They had a great connection. I liked Gabriel and Minh and all their constant bickering. It was very entertaining.

Jareth was very smart and skillful with anything and everything. He was handsome and confident. Basically he was everything a girl wants, except maybe his charming personality. Yes, he was charming when he wanted to be, but he also knew how to insult someone even though he didn’t really want to. He said some hurtful things to Elizabet at the beginning of the book, but to be honest, she wasn’t really nice to him either.

Elizabet was loyal and brave. She would do anything for the people she loved. I felt sorry for her when we got to know her, her story. When she was speaking about her secret, I immediately thought the worst and literally started laughing when I finally found out what her secret was. But to think of it now, it must have been very hard for her…

Story kept me guessing until the very end. I never knew what was going to happen or in what direction the story was going but I was very entertained.

I would tell you about my favorite part, but it would contain a spoiler, so I will just leave you with this: knowing too much about your future can be both exciting and scary.

I felt that scenes were written very well. While I was reading the book, I was really drawn into it and felt like I was living in it… in Dover, Louisiana, … It was really exciting.

Story was really interesting and at times I couldn’t stop reading which led to sleepless nights but it was worth it. Jareth and Elizabet were worth it.

I liked the ending, but felt that there are still some things that are missing. I am quite confident that there will be a sequel, because we still didn’t get all the answers. Besides, with an ending like that, it is impossible not to expect a sequel. I hope.

I found the theme of the story very interesting. At first I had a bit of trouble to grasp the concept of time travel or the way it worked in this book. Especially because I was still kind of living in a book I’ve read before that (Precious Stone trilogy by Kerstin Gier) and kept thinking that traveling in the future is impossible. Oh, how wrong was I. Luckily, I quickly got on board of this book and it’s time travel rules, which were very interesting if I may say.

The book was confusing at first and hard to understand which almost made me give up. I was confused because they were talking about guns and canons in medieval England and of course eBay was mentioned which threw me off guard and caught me completely by surprise. I mean how could a Duke in medieval England order a book on eBay? Truly fascinating!

I liked author’s writing style. I liked the words she used and the way Jareth was expressing himself. I found interesting the fact that his thought were in Latin.

I liked this book even though it was a bit slow and confusing. I took me some time to get into it, but I was glad I did because the story was really good and well thought.

Would definitely recommend this book to everyone who loves historical fiction and time travel.

My rating: 4/5

Book review by Anya Blackhart-Clark

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