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HOLIDAY POST + End of The Year Update

Dear fellow readers!

This year I started co-running this blog with my sister Desirae. We had a lot of fun talking about what we wanted to write and we have a lot of ideas for our future posts. At times it might seem that most of the posts come from me, but that is only because Desi is currently 100% focused on her books and has little time for anything else (she finished SPRING BREAK yesterday!!!)

Our blog went through a couple of makeovers and it will go through a few more in the future because we still don’t think this is the look we want.

Our future posts will become more diverse and hopefully even more interesting to read. I will not spoil you what we have planned, but  I will tell you that it will be good.

I also joined managing Desi’s Instagram account yabookprincess. I am not as skillful at taking photos as Desi is, but hopefully I wasn’t too bad and you liked having me around.

The blog and Instagram went through a lot this year just like Desi and I. I hope we didn’t make it worse, but that we peeked just enough of your interest to keep on following us.

The biggest announcement I have is that I AM STARTING MY OWN YOUTUBE CHANNEL. I will start posting videos at the beginning of the year. It will be mostly about books, occasional vlog and random things that I can’t think of now, but will probably in the future.
You can subscribe on my YouTube channel – thebookacademy – now and be the first one to see Introduction video and an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Desi now that she is a published author!

This year was a whirlwind of emotions (mostly because of all the books I’ve read) and looking at it coming to an end now, I feel content. I am happy that it’s over and that another year will get a chance to be even better.

I have a good feeling about 2017 and I hope you do as well!

This will probably be our last post this year, so I will end it with wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Post by Anya Blackhart-Clark


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