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Review: The Blue Moon Narthex by N.J. Donner


The balance of good and evil has been left in the hands of a thirteen year old…
Since the beginning of time, Karmanic matter worked silently and unassisted keeping good and evil in balance, until growing greed in the world meant Karma couldn’t keep up. As World War I rages, the secret Karmanic Sovereign Legion works behind the scenes to help Karma.
A suspicious train accident and an odd stone-shaped object that belonged to his father thrust Cole McCarthy and two schoolmates into the middle of this battle to keep dark forces in check.
With only the powerful stone, a letter, and grandfatherly Norm to guide them, the trio must unravel clues and tap into unknown strengths to discover who Cole’s father really was and keep themselves and those they love safe.

SPOILER FREE (mostly, because I’m not quite sure what counts as a spoiler for some people, so I won’t say it is COMPLETELY spoiler free)

We’ve got this book from an author in exchange for an honest review and that is exactly what I am going to write.

This is the first book in the Karmanic Sovereign Legion series.

First of all, I feel obligated to mention how beautiful the cover of this book is. It’s by far one of my favorite covers.

I don’t think I have read a book about a secret society before (maybe I have and I can’t remember now), so it was really cool to read one now. I had no idea what to expect, how the society is/was formed, but it was pretty awesome. It made me want to be a part of one.

Story in general was pretty good. Book was fast paced even though it wasn’t exactly an easy read (I will get into that later).

I like the fact that the book had big letters, it was a nice change considering that the book I’ve read before TBMN was Kitty Hawk and that one had extra small letters.

Usually I like that things are proceeding quickly, so the story doesn’t get dull, but in this case, I believe that things were proceeding a bit too quickly. I think some scenes should be longer and more elaborate, instead those scenes felt rushed. For example, Cole’s fight with his friends.

Some of descriptions of seemingly important things were a bit confusing. This made for a harder read. For example, it took me too long to understand Sliders Games to properly enjoy it. Although, I do believe that this book needs to be read twice to understand everything. I think there were more hidden things to discover that can’t be seen at first read. I will let you know when I read it again.

I also think that most of the scenes lacked emotion. Because of that I also didn’t feel anything while reading through it – not grief, not fear, not happiness, … nothing.

I only partly managed to relate to characters. They weren’t written as good as they could have been and lacked depth, which made them hard to relate. Also, that could have been because of the rushed scenes.

Ending was nicely building up, but somehow the confrontation was a bit disappointing. I did, however, like the plot twist thanks to Sophie.

This book reminds me of Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman. I can’t help but think that Karmanic Matter is similar to Dust. Golden Compass was hard for me to understand in first read, that’s why I believe that TBMN needs to be read again, which I will most definitely do in the near future or shortly before the release of the second book, because I can’t wait for it to come out.

Like I said, story in general was good and I would recommend it to you to pick it up.



My Rating: 3.5/5

Post written by Anya Blackhart-Clark


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