Desirae Clark is a 18-year-old student from Slovenia.
When not spending time on Wattpad, she likes to daydream about books and fictional characters.
Her favorite activities are writing, book buying and reading – though book hangovers are her “best friends” and constant companions and her wallet is always empty. She is absolutely in love with Scotland (OUTLANDER fan!).
YouTube is also one of her passions and when she doesn’t forget to upload her videos – oops – you can see her talking about books, recommending books doing book tags and everything is revolving around BOOKS.
Oh and did we mention she has an Instagram dedicated to just that?


Anya is a student and she’s also Desirae’s older – and only – sister. She’s 23 years old and comes from Slovenia.
Writing her own books as a hobby, Anya has set her eyes on reading more seriously. She loves to read and buy books – which she does more often than Desirae.
When not studying law (that takes up most of her time), she watches TV shows like The 100 (Clexa shippers <3) , Outlander, Game of Thrones (though who doesn’t watch that one, am I right or am I right? ;)) and many others (seriously, she’s obsessed).
She’s the co-owner of Desirae’s bookstagram account so make sure to follow them and spread the love.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. You guys seem to really like Wattpad. I was wondering if you knew a book about a girl who is somehow wealthy and goes to school. She and this boy become best friends. There is no lovey-dovey relationship between them. His brother is a boxer. His brother and the girl fall in love. Then something big happens. That is all I can remember. Can you please reply if you know the name of the book?

    1. I asked my readers and they were happy to help me out. Someone said that it *might* be Faking It by MishaHicks. Hope this is it. If not, tell me and I’ll keep on looking 🙂

      1. Thank you so much fir trying but sadly that isn’t it. She doesn’t meet his brother till about midway. She is very shy and stays at the same school the whole time. Or she just joined the school. Like at the beginning of The President’s daughter.

      2. I checked but sadly it wasn’t the book. She doesn’t really meet the brother till the middle. Her best friend is not sporty at all. I remember this chapter in which they all went to her house and got lost due to how big it is. She has been homeschooled most of her life like in ‘The president’s daughter’.

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