Desirae Clark



A girl, a boy, and a bet.

Good girl Astrid Ella Bailey, the Oreo-loving school nerd of Evergreen High, has anxiety issues. Like any other nerd, she preferred to bury her nose in her books all day and avoid attention like the plague. She never got into trouble, save for that one time a kid ruined a photo of her best friend… a very dear friend she just lost in a tragic accident.

Bad boy Kai Asher, her high school’s head playboy, is trouble incarnate. Intense, rough, and sexy, he’s the one who makes all the girls swoon. One flirtatious wink and their heart’s bend like clay dough. Oh, the shame when they all break like fragile china.

A bet is made, tempers flare up, and punches are thrown.
And when the good girl crashes into the bad boy — quite literally, screeching tires and smoking hoods included — the school went wild with intrigue. Astrid was thrown into the spotlight, and extra attention is never good for an almost antisocial nerd.

What was the bet? And why did Kai suddenly appear — in all his half-naked glory — at Astrid’s next door window one day? Can she resist his insane sexual innuendos, or will she lose her sanity? Or what’s left of it, anyway.

Fall in love with this light-hearted bad boy YA romance that’s sure to make you more than a little giddy inside. Wear your PJs, snuggle into your couch, and enjoy this hilarious read (preferably with Oreos on the side). Grab your copy now!





There was a broken girl, a bad girl and a boarding school.

THE BROKEN GIRL, Astrid Bailey was trying to move on with her life by finishing the rest of the year at a New York Music Boarding School her aunt was the principal of.

THE BAD GIRL, Lilith Arwen was scaring people away from her just for fun. She was excruciatingly honest, straight-forward and shameless. But after meeting her new roommate Astrid, the girls started to bond and Lilith decided to show Astrid how to not care.

A BOARDING SCHOOL was where Astrid sought out peace and that’s when she was finally able to cope by doing what she loved. Singing. Astrid tried to get back on her feet far away from her brother, his friends and her friends, but what about her boyfriend? Nothing stays hidden forever and Astrid’s past was soon going to find its way back to her.



This is a collection of extras to My Badboy Neighbour.
It’s about Astrid Bailey’s past.
In the extras included is also the summer she spent away, meeting Jessie Samson and her friends who are also characters from my other book called Spring Break.



“And when I turned around, I expected to see my annoying little sisters but was instead greeted by a familiar face. In the threshold stood Parker Brady with a devious smirk on his face and the looks of a god.”

Samantha Valentine’s life turns upside down when she finds out her family is returning to her old town, Scottsdale. It took her a while to make the city her home, and now all of that is for naught, as she has to learn to settle in a quiet town again.

Parker Brady is perfectly happy to make a mess of his life after his best friend, Samantha, left him. He felt betrayed by his most trusted friend, and now he doesn’t care about anyone anymore. The only thing that matters to him is getting girls.

The two are not so thrilled when they meet after years of being away. Old grudges resurface from the past.

Will Samantha and and Parker restore their broken friendship? Or will something else rise from its ruins?

Player’s Game is a funny and heartwarming story about young adults learning to come into terms with their past. If you’re up for a light read that will leave you smiling, grab your copy now!



Alyssa and Dana were twins but they were nothing alike.

Alyssa: popular soccer player and team captain, doesn’t need anyone to tell her what she wants.

Dana: head cheerleader and beauty queen, insecure and afraid of everyone’s opinions.

Both: searching for themselves while trying to survive high school.

But this story is about Alyssa. The girl who never cared much for makeup or boys. The girl who was overshadowed by her sister. She didn’t mind it until one day, when her first crush told her he preferred Dana over her.

Let’s skip all that cliche stuff and the arch nemesis to when Alyssa was finally figuring out a lesson of her lifetime. Something an actor Jamie Campbell Bower said a long time ago: “Who you are will always be sexier than who you pretend to be.”




Under the (2).png

Two Heads. One school. No regrets.

November always hated the people at her boarding school. Including her crush, Christian Dumont. He knew how to push her buttons and did things to her no other person would dare try.

As the Head Girl, she was supposed to be an example to other students. But something about Christian made her misbehave. When he pushed, she pushed back. When he shouted, she did it louder. Like cats and dogs, the two ran in circles, trying to outdo one another.

Until Christian’s world gets rocked by a scandal and he finds himself knocking on November’s door.





Jessie Samson knew Spring Break was the best chance to see her childhood best friends after they returned from their boarding school.

She didn’t care that her best friends just happened to be the hottest guys the female population had ever laid eyes on.

With many adventures and drama ahead, Jessie couldn’t help but relive the days when her crush on one of the Anderson brothers was a real, still existing thing. And the more time she spent with him, the less control she had over her love life.






He was worse than bad and she was his only salvation.

When the archangel Gabriel told him about her guardian angels getting killed, he didn’t even blink. When they offered him a job to protect her, he thought they might be crazy. And when he was actually onto something, she looked through every magical barrier separating them and saw him.

*Eamon didn’t understand was the feeling of love. That’s why when he was around Shea, everything about her was strange. He couldn’t understand her morals and the things she believed in.*




A love story of two people turns sour when a boy starts to reveal who he truly is behind closed doors.